Highly dynamic power supply with excellent current control for testing batteries, and voltage control for testing inverters and electric motors.


The AVL E-STORAGE HV (high voltage) is optimized for characterization and verification of electric driveline components in the automotive, off-highway, marine, aviation and stationary power industry.

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The AVL E-STORAGE LV is a low-voltage variant out of the successful E-STORAGE product line that is optimized for characterization and verification of electric driveline components in the automotive, marine, aviation and stationary power industry. The system is based on an advanced grid connected regenerative DC power supply that can be easily adapted to meet customer-specific requirements in testbeds and in dedicated laboratories.
Individual AVL PUMA testbeds are ideally networked within a test facility. Parameters and results are stored centrally in an ASAM-ODS compliant database.
This web-based monitoring tool gives an overview of the entire test facility for AVL and 3rd party testbed automation systems.
Skills Management combined with Product Training and Technology Seminars enable our customers to achieve a thorough knowledge of automotive test systems. Find your Course AVL Open Trainings: Explore our actual offer now!
Modern powertrain development creates significant challenges for the automotive industry. Essential vehicle attributes - performance, dynamics, fuel consumption, emissions and acoustics - depend on an optimized tuning of the control units. On the one hand, those calibration tasks are becoming more complex but on the other hand, optimal results in a shorter amount of time are demanded. To cover the wide range of tasks in their daily work, calibration engineers need efficient tools to put new...
The electrification of racing vehicles is required in many different racing series around the globe. Batteries that are lightweight, reliable and capable of high performance under extreme conditions are needed to satisfy the requirements. AVL can help integrate the knowledge of cell producers and automotive requirements of racing teams in design, simulation, build and validation of batteries for race cars.
Based on ASAM-ODS standards, this server provides the infrastructure for consolidated storage and manufacturer-independent analysis of development data.

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AVL Customer Services safeguard the availability and usability of equipment and devices throughout the product lifecycle. The value generated from the investment is maximized by avoiding the high cost of operational downtime and reducing the risk of inaccurate testing results.

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Real-time model integration

AVL ARTE.Lab 4™, designed for methodology and test engineers, is an open integration platform that combines the versatility of a modular model kit with the testbed. Further, AVL ARTE.Lab 4™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITETM.
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