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Controls and Electronics

Today's vehicles and machinery receive their embedded intelligence by implementing electronic control units. The most known one is the Engine Control Unit ECO or also known as Engine Management System EMS. However there is almost no part inside the vehicle which is not linked to a control unit or has its own control unit. Examples are transmission, engine , battery, driving dynamics, hybrid operating strategy – just to name a few.

Products & Services

The AVL EMCON 400 Standalone Advanced is a complete digital testbed control and monitoring system for a combustion engine and dynamometer on an engine testbed.
Individual AVL PUMA testbeds are ideally networked within a test facility. Parameters and results are stored centrally in an ASAM-ODS compliant database.
Based on ASAM-ODS standards, this server provides the infrastructure for consolidated storage and manufacturer-independent analysis of development data.
This web-based monitoring tool gives an overview of the entire test facility for AVL and 3rd party testbed automation systems.
The AVL e-Motor Emulator allows inverter and power electronic testing using a precise E-motor model coupled with fast and accurate power electronics – a "pHiL" (Power Hardware in the Loop). This system is optimized for testing inverters during design, verification and production phases under real environmental conditions. A wide range of fault stimulations are also possible so that the error behavior and monitoring of the inverter can be checked as well. The testing of the valuable (often...

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Testbed control and monitoring system

AVL EMCON 6™ is the leading control and monitoring system for engine, e-motor, powertrain and chassis dyno testbeds. Its fast control capability of test bed and unit-under-test enables stable steady state control of speed and torque, and transient simulation of real driving tests. Further, AVL EMCON 6™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITE.

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Real-time model integration

AVL ARTE.Lab 4™, designed for methodology and test engineers, is an open integration platform that combines the versatility of a modular model kit with the testbed. Further, AVL ARTE.Lab 4™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITETM.

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Next level data processing

AVL CONCERTO 5™ is the generic data processing platform for visualizing, analyzing and reporting many measured and simulated data types. Moreover, it is used for application packages that address specific tasks. Further, AVL CONCERTO 5™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITE™.

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AVL InMotion 4™

Vehicle dynamics simulation tool

AVL InMotion 4™ is a vehicle dynamics simulator that is used in the testing and development of chassis control systems, driver assistance systems and system networks where the chassis control systems interact with other vehicle domains. Further, AVL InMotion 4™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITETM.
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