Modular testbed concept enables testbed design for different performance and speed classes.


Fully integration of automation system with data acquisition system is needed for time aligned analyzing of the result data. To be able to perform test runs under realistic environmental conditions a coolant conditioning system shall enable environment Simulation within the typical temperature and air humidity ranges as specified in the European and Chinese testing recommendations.

Products & Services

The AVL E-STORAGE HV (high voltage) is optimized for characterization and verification of electric driveline components in the automotive, off-highway, marine, aviation and stationary power industry.
Electric motors are used increasingly across a wide range of applications – automotive, aerospace, automation, etc. AVL focuses especially on automotive electric motors and provides the load unit and accessories. The requirement for high speed can be met with a special mechanical design for operations up to 25,000rpm.
The AVL E-STORAGE LV is a low-voltage variant out of the successful E-STORAGE product line that is optimized for characterization and verification of electric driveline components in the automotive, marine, aviation and stationary power industry. The system is based on an advanced grid connected regenerative DC power supply that can be easily adapted to meet customer-specific requirements in testbeds and in dedicated laboratories.
AVL Dynamometers are representing the load system in testbeds with highest robustness and dynamic beside highest measurement accuracy. Engineered to meet application requirements of combustion engine testing, powertrain testing and E-motor testing. Our product families are optimized to meet different testing tasks like R&D, Calibration, HD Engine Certification and End of Line. The power ranges cover small off-road engines up to 2 stroke ship engines (10kW – 140,000kW).
The AVL Universal Power Inverter is a testbed component for powertrain/e-motor test systems. On its DC-side it is connected to a variable DC power supply unit (source/sink) and on its three-phase AC-side to AC permanent magnet synchronous or induction motors.
Automation systems have to provide innovative and flexible solutions takinge the latest automotive trends into account. In addition the best automation system is of no use if it is not stable and reliable. This concerns product quality and delivery dependability, as well as maintainability and eypandability. Investment protection is constantly in focus.
Skills Management combined with Product Training and Technology Seminars enable our customers to achieve a thorough knowledge of automotive test systems. Find your Course AVL Open Trainings: Explore our actual offer now!
Individual AVL PUMA testbeds are ideally networked within a test facility. Parameters and results are stored centrally in an ASAM-ODS compliant database.
This web-based monitoring tool gives an overview of the entire test facility for AVL and 3rd party testbed automation systems.
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