AVL M.O.V.E Real Driving Emission Testing

AVL M.O.V.E iS System is a complete and tailored solution for Real Driving Emissions testing of passenger cars.

Products & Services

The AVL AMA i60 is a high-end emission bench characterized by sophisticated gas analyzers and a compact, modular design. The intuitive, interactive graphical user interface supports all essential service and diagnosis functions and issues warnings in case of pending maintenance intervals. The AMA i60 focuses on both certification and R&D emission testing for all engine and fuel types.
The AVL CVS i60 is a space-saving and cost-efficient full-flow dilution system designed for engine and vehicle certification as well as R&D testing. The intuitive, interactive graphical user interface supports all essential service and diagnosis functions and issue warnings in case of pending maintenance intervals.
The AVL AMA i60 Remote/Stand Alone Unit is a high-end mobile emission bench for emission testing of selected components such as THC, NOX, N2O or CO2-EGR.
The AVL SESAM i60 FT is a FTIR multi-component measurement system that measures numerous pre-calibrated gas components in a time-synchronous and dynamic way.
The AVL PSS i60 is a full flow particulate sampler used to collect minute particles in diluted exhaust gas for gravimetric analyses.
The AVL Humidity Measuring Equipment is designed to measure relative humidity and air temperature for different applications. Duct mounting (e.g. intake port) and wall mounting are supported. The AVL Central Weather Station METEOR Measuring Equipment is able to measure barometric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity. For a test field or a group of testbeds, one weather station hardware can be used to centrally capture environmental data. The AVL Central Weather Station software...
The AVL HSS i60 is a highly flexible pre-filter and sample selection module for raw exhaust emission measurements. The AVL HSS i60 removes particulate contamination from the exhaust probe and prevents contamination of heated sample lines as well as of emission measuring systems. The heated sampling systems switch an emission bench to different sample points and sample lines.
Blow-by measurement nowadays is standard on engine testbeds. To be able to comply with the emission legislation for new combustion engines today and in the future, the requirements for crankcase ventilation systems will continue to increase. In order to design these systems, knowledge of engine blow-by mapping is also required. This and the possibility of continuous measurement of the blow-by flow to monitor the engine condition make the AVL Blow By Meter an indispensable instrument for...
The AVL FLOWSONIX™ Air determines the intake air mass flow with high accuracy, large turndown ratio and fast response time.
AVL provides comprehensive instrumentation solutions for the consumption measurement of fuel, intake air mass, blow by, oil and urea on the engine testbed as well as for in vehicle fuel consumption measurement.