Efficient driving pleasure



Vehicle Dynamics Simulation

AVL Vehicle Simulation including AVL VSM 4™ is the fast and accurate simulation package of tools and services that support calibration and vehicle dynamics engineers to predict vehicle behavior in the field of concept development, calibration and functional validation.

Furthermore, AVL VSM 4™ is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITETM.


The Challenge

Development tasks aren’t stand-alone. And it’s not (just) about how good single individuals or tools are… 
… it’s about how well they work together.

Balancing CO2 regulations and driving pleasure

  • How to manage trade-offs between affordable CO2 measures and positive driving experience?
  • How to target market- and brand-specific driveability expectations?

Frontloading the development work

  • How to shift tasks earlier in the development process?
  • How to predict vehicle attributes in a reliable and cost-efficient way?



The AVL Solution

AVL Vehicle Simulation with AVL VSM 4™ supports an early solution of the conflicting goals of CO2 reduction & a high level of fun-to-drive. Calibration and validation become fast and easy and the number of vehicle prototypes is reduced significantly. Accurate, reliable and comparable results based on easy-to-use comprehensive vehicle models and consistent maneuvers throughout the development process enable sound decisions with regard to technologies without last minute design changes.

Combined with AVL-DRIVE 4™ for objective vehicle assessment, AVL VSM 4™ enables frontloading of vehicle development tasks to reduce the number of prototypes, development loops and therefore costs.


The Added Value

  • Enhance vehicle driving pleasure owing to ready-to-use examples for a broad range of applications
  • Fulfill CO2 legislation limits in different markets due to scalable model complexity
  • Reduce development time and cost thanks to
    • Consistent maneuvers through the development process and their reproducible results
    • Simulation & objective evaluation of many vehicle concepts in a short time
    • Seamless models from concept to testing phase

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