Efficient driving pleasure

AVL VSM™ Vehicle Simulation

The simulation tool to balance vehicle efficiency and driving feeling

While global emission legislations are pushing innovation in vehicle efficiency, markets still expect vehicles that offer a pleasant driving experience. You can easily satisfy either of these requirements, but to satisfy both requires significant effort.

Balancing efficiency with attractive driving characteristics, such as handling and performance, ride comfort and driveability, is an intensive and technologically complex task. To achieve this balance, create the desired synergies, and get to market quickly and affordably, you need tools that predict vehicle behavior early in development. With our AVL VSM™ vehicle simulation tool, that’s exactly what we’re offering.

Getting the Balance Right from the Start

Our cutting-edge tool offers you virtual prototypes that can speed up the vehicle attribute development process. We have designed AVL VSM™ to reduce time-to-market and development loops, and promote a ‘right-first-time’ methodology.

It is a flexible vehicle simulation tool that allows you to frontload virtual development and testing, both of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. AVL VSM is a comprehensive package that predicts vehicle behavior precisely and enables improvement of various vehicle systems from the concept to the testing phase. The non-linear multi-body approach allows for accurate representation of longitudinal, lateral and vertical vehicle effects.

VSM’s real-time capability supports the integration of its simulation models into different real-time environments. This includes the engine dyno, powertrain dyno, HiL environments, driver simulator and cloud environment. It offers live visualization, which allows you to see vehicle behavior and the environment in real-time – a feature that facilitates deep-dive analyses.

Created with the user in mind, our turnkey simulation tool is simple to use and includes features such as cloud computing, various customer data importer and an integrated data viewer. This promises to reduce effort and make your life a lot easier.


AVL VSM at a Glance

Our market-leading vehicle simulation tool offers you a range of benefits. These include:

  • Balancing efficiency and driving attributes by using virtual prototypes
  • Allows you to beat the competition in driving performance
  • Supports the development of your brand driving characteristics
  • Experience vehicle concepts on the driving simulator without real prototypes
  • Enables the prediction of performance and lap times
  • Allows you to choose the best technology to achieve vehicle targets
  • Reduces the need for prototype vehicles
  • Accelerates time-to-market
  • Reduces development loops